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Reddick Fumigants formulates, packages and distributes agricultural fumigants, and manufacturers agricultural equipment for plasticulture farming. We provide specific information and expertise in soil fumigation and for plasticulture systems. 

We also supply fumigants for use in space and commodity fumigations such as treating food processing plants, warehouses and grain bins. Reddick also offers fumigants for quarantine treatments of imported and exported commodities,  processing facilities and post harvest fumigations. We work with companies like Cardinal Professional Products.

We are proud to represent some of the best fumigant and plastic manufacturers in the industry including Dow AgroSciences, Chemtura and Pliant Corp.

With 60 years in this business, we believe we are especially equipped to help you be successful. We're happy to answer any questions you may have, or help you get the specific information that you need. Just email us at

Product & Package Return Policy
See our products catalog for:
Ag Fumigants
Methyl Bromide/Chloropicrin/Telone
  • Mulch Layers/Transplanters,
  • Bedders and Bed Presses,
  • Fumigant Applicators
  • Flow-Meter Liquid Fumigant Applicators
  • Solid Tarp Fumigation Machines
  • Plastic Removal Equipment

We stock and sell replacement parts for all our equipment.

Agricultural Plastics and Drip supplies
  • Polyethylene Films
  • Drip Tapes
  • Drip Fitting and Supplies
Other Products
  • Row Covers


Methyl Bromide Alternatives & Emissions Reduction November 2-5, 2010 Orlando, Florida
Southeast Strawberry Expo November 9-10, 2010 Virginia Beach, VA
Southeast Vegetable & Fruit Expo November 29 - December 1, 2010 Myrtle Beach, SC
Great Lakes Expo December 7-9, 2010 Grand Rapids, MI
Southeast Regional Fruit & Vegetable Conference January 6-9, 2011 Savannah, GA

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